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Tides Explorer

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Tides Explorer

Dive deeper into the world of tides with Tides Explorer, your one-stop app for comprehensive tide information on iOS!

Harnessing the power of NOAA data, Tides Explorer seamlessly supports nearly 6,000 tide stations across the United States, providing not just future tide predictions, but also crucial details on tidal currents.

Effortlessly search for stations by name or location, and curate your favorites for quick access—all within a modern, delightful interface. Take convenience to the next level with Home and Lock Screen widgets on your iPhone, offering instant insights into tides and currents.

But that's not all! Tides Explorer extends its functionality to the Apple Watch, ensuring you stay connected to tidal patterns on the go. With support for various complications, get at-a-glance information about tides and currents right on your watch face.

Stay ahead of the game by checking the current wind speed, gusts, air temperature, water temperature, and barometric pressure directly within the app for stations equipped with sensors. Dive even deeper into the data with graphical representations and historical trends, allowing you to make informed decisions for your outdoor adventures.

Effortlessly integrate the rhythm of the tides and currents into your daily life, whether you're planning fishing trips, kayaking adventures, or simply want to stay informed. Download Tides Explorer now and embark on a richer tidal journey with elegance and ease!
Lonnie Millett