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Tracking time shouldn't be hard, it's just a matter of starting and stopping a stopwatch.
Tiden โ€“ meaning "the time" in Swedish โ€“ will be your best time keeping buddy, on iOS, iPadOS, macOS or even on your wrist. With its minimalistic design and basic features it's really easy to use.


Tiden is "accountless" and relies on iCloud, meaning that it requires you to be signed in, however it doesn't need anything else, no e-mails, no password, not even a name. Your privacy is in the focus. The data in Tiden is synced to iCloud and will follow you on all your devices.


Glance over your day, the active timer and how your week performs wherever you want on your home screen.


Tiden on Apple Watch is completely independent, meaning you could run Tiden only on your wrist if you wanted to, your wrist, your choice.
Available along with Tiden on your Apple Watch is 9 complications to choose from, making it easier for you to get a quick glance of your day.


For all of the nerds out there, Tiden supports most actions through Shortcuts. Go bananas!

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