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Tic Tac Toe PvsP

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Tic Tac Toe PvsP

It is the "iPhone" vs "Apple Watch" 2 player against type 3 orders lined game.

Order to ○ and ● to continue to put in trout that was dumped at random from "1" to "9", and will compete for a total score of the number of the place were trout. Also ahead to become the end of the game in 3 orders arranged point in time, you have the player who finished arranged ahead 3 orders in case the final score the sum obtained by adding 5-point bonus score.
"5" of the numbers are displayed in bomb mark, the player who put this is deducted five points.

"No hint" game at the beginning of, "3 tips", "5 Tips", I can be selected is "more". Other than the hint numbers of trout I will withheld by "?".
Three games (two games lien), five games (three games lien) and will be the start of the game to choose from.

In addition, "iPhone" in the "Restart" button, you can re-start the game with the "Apple Watch" ForceTouch (that is slamming the screen).

Use the "iPhone" and "Apple Watch" on hand when the time is empty it is feel free to be competitive game.
Ei Terajima