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Thunder Dungeon / ThunnyD

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Thunder Dungeon / ThunnyD

ThunnyD is your personal procrastination station.

It is the fastest and lightest app we could possibly make with NO sign in and NO accounts. We’re in the business of comedy, not information.


What it does:

- View ALL of the latest 100% unfiltered content from directly on your phone.
- View and save content to use for whatever your little heart sees fit.
- Full screen zoomable photos with every possible sharing option available on your device
(FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, text, email, copy/paste & carrier pigeon)
- Infinite content scroll
- Offline caching so you don’t have to have awkward internet-less subway rides.

What it doesn't do:

- Get your mother and father back together.
- Try to set you up with local singles in your area.
- Clean the dishes you left in the sink to “soak”
- Doesn't try to send you unsolicited "bathing suit area" pics *


We live to entertain you guys/girls and this makes it easier than ever for us.

Roy & Phil
appful GmbH