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Throwdown F.I.T.

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Throwdown F.I.T.

Whether you want Strength, Power, and Speed. There are a lot of formats out there, but few, if any, focus on the work the body must do in order to perform the way it was meant to perform. Beyond just the philosophies, the formats offer an intense workout unlike any other. It’s the perfect blend of education and perspiration. The Throwdown app gives you 20 years of proven training and techniques that we have developed in conjunction with professional athletes since 2003!

3 key outcomes from every session, class and/or program:


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App utilizes apple health kit to track basic health data.

Most people just want to be stronger, fitter or leaner, and they mistakenly think the way to achieve that is through hard-core classes with tons of lateral and ballistic movements. Unless someone is training for a specific sport that requires lateral and ballistic performance, people should focus on real life functional training.


Full body conditioning
Improved coordination
Improved cardiovascular condition
Increase lower body and core explosiveness
Upper body speed and agility


Core power and explosiveness
Improved coordination
Increase balance and stability
Increase cardiovascular endurance

Advanced Benefits:

Improve take down defense
Improve offensive/defensive transitions
Improve transition times from prone to standing

There is much to master both internally and externally, and it begins with quality. Every movement in our programs is important, as is the focus on breath and putting mind to muscle. They appreciate the process of truly understanding movements. Less is more sometimes. That’s not to say we don’t speed things up and go for broke—we absolutely do—but it’s only after quality is achieved, and that’s done through good coaching and producing a killer class structure week after week.

Over 50 unique workouts using

Jump Rope
Handle Bands
Mini Bands
Ab Wheel
Medicine Balls
Slam Balls
Bag Work
Agility Ladder

Muscle Acknowledgement: The theory of muscle acknowledgement is simple: put the work you’re doing into the muscle(s) you’re intending to fire. Many formats these days cram fancy moves, or compound movements, into every minute of class, often resulting in patterns with little to no meaning because they’re being performed too fast, or for the sole purpose of looking good to the beat of the music.

Don’t get us wrong, choreography is great, and we respect the time and talent it takes to construct movement to music. There are cardiovascular, muscular and social benefits to nearly every format out there; variety is the spice of life! However, the advantages inherent in muscle acknowledgement make each and every moment count, as though your life depended on it.

Our instructors and classes have the following traits:

Authoritative yet supportive demeanor
Firm when it comes to form
Motivational skills
Fantastic posture and exceptional form
Physically fit in order to do the exercises with the members (walking the walk)
Wealth of knowledge about the body
Coach mentality: pulling the best out of people; helping them strive for more
“Gender, race, socioeconomic status, sexuality, religion, age and all the things people use to build walls can and do find common ground in physical activity. There is not a country or people in this world without a sport. We all have a human body and even with its various sizes colors and shapes its reaction to activity is consistent and its response to improvement in mobility, and strength through activity is relatable across all the walls we have created. I believe the dynamics of social interaction added to these activities is the breakthrough to a populace of people living a lifestyle of wellness.” ~ Dennis Dumas
Throwdown Industries, LLC