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Three is a fast-paced, high thrill word puzzle. It is challenging but fun to play. This gorgeous, colorful, mind-body concentration game is built exclusively for Apple Watch.

Make words from three letters as fast as you can. You have 3 seconds to find each word. Challenge your brain to find all 15 words in under 1 minute. Once time runs out, have another go.

Three is lovingly designed to feast your senses with elegant minimalistic design and 10 stunning colors. It is quite easy to fall in love with Three.

Three is thoughtfully designed to help you with your daily brain workout by focusing on attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving.

Features at a Glance:

• Under a minute word game
• Time challenge: Find words in 3 seconds
• Move challenge: Find words in 3 moves
• Sudden death: Game ends as soon as a word is not found within time or move
• Randomly selected unique words in each game
• Over 1,000 tournament qualified words
• No profanity¹
• Use anagrams
• Unlimited puzzles. It is different each game
• 10 vibrant colors. A new color for each puzzle
• Only on Apple Watch

Enjoy playing Three. We value your feedback and comments. Please write a review on iTunes. Tell your family and friends about Three.

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¹ Tell us. We’ll be glad to remove objectionable words immediately.