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Three Bite

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Three Bite

This app is 100% free with no ads.

The Three Bite app helps you control your meal portions as part of a bite related diet, similar to how gastric bypass or gastric band patients eat. While this diet is not nearly as extreme, it should allow you to comfortably achieve your weight loss goals.

There are no restrictions on what food types you are allowed to eat, no counting points or calories, this app focuses exclusively on keeping the amount of food your eat low.

Diet rules:

1) Just eat up to three bites of anything you want (this is configurable)
2) Wait for the timer to expire before eating again
2) Only drink beverages that contain no calories

That's all there is to it! It's one of the simplest portion control diets you can find and dieters are experiencing great results.

The number of bites and timer are customizable, allowing you to gradually work your way into this diet.

The app also lets your shave off any additional bites by doing exercise.
Travis Ma