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Thirty-Two: Black and white and square all over.

Thirty-Two is a simple way to create and share drawings. Other than food and shelter there is no other need more powerful than the need to make small grayscale drawings. Old age is a myth, billions of people throughout history have simply died from lack of drawing in grids.*

Thirty-Two is the solution!§

• Draw anything, as long as it fits in a thirty-two by thirty-two square!
• Kick it 1-bit old school and draw with only black and white, or get ultra modern and use a plethora of grays!‡.
• Duplicate a drawing, now duplicate a drawing!
• Pinch to zoom while drawing, we know your chubby little fingers can't hit the squares you want, we're taking care of that. See a little preview of the whole drawing while zoomed in, how cute.
• Toolbar for the undo/redo to make them easier to get to. Didn't want to take three taps to undo something, we're considered two taps, but we decided one tap is best!
• Super symmetrical mode, tap on the dotted line and pick vertical or horizontal so you can start drawing your favorite psychological inkblot tests.
• Select and move pixels, tap and hold the pixels you want to move, tap other pixels to add to the selection, drag around, double tap to put the pixels in their final resting place.
•Linear mode to draw straight lines.
• Share from the app with your friends using sharing extensions. Any app that can share images will work, Mail, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, and any other third party apps that support sharing extensions.
• Share with someone that's close to you, using AirDrop.
• Watch your drawings on Apple Watch!
• Search for your beauteous drawings in Spotlight.
• Dance the hand jive while using Handoff between devices.

Ideas for drawings
• Unflattering portraits of your friends that you post online without their permission.
• Replace the icons on your thirty year old computer.
• Make reproductions of your favorite artist's square, black and white masterpieces.
• Your hipster bike.
• Your hipster glasses.
• Your hipster bird you put on stuff.
• Your hipster watch.
• Your steampunk tophat.
• Your hipster shark.
• Drawings of pets you wished were yours, so that your sad meaningless life had a ray of hope.°
• Illustrate the fourteen stations of the cross.
• Illustrate the twelve signs of the zodiac.
• A taxi-cab.
• An old boot.
• A urinal on it's side, with some letters scribbled on it.
• And literally a couple more things...

*Does not cure old age, athelete's foot or the plague.
§There is no solution, because there is no problem.
‡A plethora in this context means six.
°Users of Thirty-Two are prone to bouts of existential angst.
Chad Sager