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Thirstic is the first fitness water tracker that automatically adapts your water needs to your daily activity and the weather conditions!

Thirstic is the perfect fitness and health companion. Doing your regular workout on Tuesday evening? Thirstic will learn the patterns and update your suggested water intake automatically. Heatwave on the horizon? Thirstic will automatically increases your suggested intake.

Drinking enough water is important for your health. Thirstic encourages you to drink and log your water intake during your day. The water tracker has a simple and straightforward user interface, with no ads and strong focus on privacy: it reads and writes from your Health app (via HealthKit) and keeps all your data securely on your device.

This is the water tracker app that automatically updates your estimated water needs in the background and sends you reminders as soon as you reach your preferred water needs threshold. For example, Thirstic will send you a notification if it's time to drink another 300ml (10 fl oz).

In addition to your activity, your daily water intake goal changes depending on your local weather conditions (in-app purchase required). In the app settings, you can customize the parameters of your water needs estimation to your preferences, resulting in higher or lower daily intake goals.

Thirstic works best with Apple Watch or any other fitness tracker that writes active and resting energy into your Health app. If you are not using a fitness tracker, the app will use the step counter from your iPhone to estimate your daily activity instead.

Privacy and data security is a key concept of Thirstic. The advanced calculations in this app are powered by the computing power of your iPhone. Your water intake is stored securely in your Health app via HealthKit. Thirstic does *not* send your activity or health data to remote servers.

Drinking enough water is essential to our health. 2/3 of our body consists of water, yet many unknowingly suffer from chronic dehydration. Thirst is signal which our body warns us that our body has lost water balance.

Water is very important for our body. It transports nutrients and oxygen into cells, regulates body temperature, helps with metabolism. Drinking enough water can help us lose weight, look younger with healthier skin, support our immune system, help in digestion and constipation, relieve fatigue, having a good mood, reducing the risk of cancer and much more.

While it is not to say that the more water your drink, the healthier you will be. Too much water will also hurt your health! Drinking a healthy amount of water at the right time is best.

Key features:
- Log your water intake with a beautiful and simple user interface
- Helps you drinking enough water during your day by taking into account your activity and the weather
- Adapts to your activity and workouts by learning patterns and automatically updating your suggested water intake
- Adapts to weather conditions by increasing your suggested water intake on hot days
- Assists you drinking water in small amounts throughout your day, instead of only emphasizing your total water intake goal
- Sends you reminders if you reach a specified „thirst threshold“ (for example 300 ml or 10 fl oz)
- Allows to change the parameters of your water needs estimation, resulting in higher or lower daily water intake goals
- No health or activity data leaves your device and your water intake is securely stored in your Health app

Thirstic is *not* a medical app. It is intended for informational and reminder purposes only and cannot be used for medical or nutrition advice. Your personal water needs might vary, for example if you have medical conditions or if you're pregnant/breast-feeding. Never rely on the information from this app and always consult your doctor.

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