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Provides weather instrument data and network camera images for Third Avenue kiteboarding and sailboarding site in Foster City California. This application will not be of interest to those who are not interested in this specific location. This application merges the functionality of ThirdAveWind and ThirdAveView.

We have recently (2015) upgraded our network camera to an HD camera. The images will therefore be larger and perhaps take longer to download, but the increase in quality should be worth it. Also, the camera is now on the roof so the view angle will be different than the old location. In the coming months we may add new imagery that is available on the website that shows the north end.

An Apple Watch edition has just been completed that provides 6 faces: one for wind speed and direction, one for current tide information, and 4 webcam images (parking lot, flag, north end windsock, and lower beach). For the time being, the tide and forecast information are not functional. A parser error was found and fixed in this patch release.