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Thinking Cleaner

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Thinking Cleaner

The Thinking Cleaner app lets you monitor and control your Thinking Cleaner enabled robot vacuum cleaner.

Once you have installed your Thinking Cleaner module on your Roomba®, you can use the Thinking Cleaner app to configure your Thinking Cleaner and connect it to your Wifi network.

Thinking Cleaner lets you control your Roomba® in different ways. You can start cleaning, dock or start spot cleaning from the dashboard. You can also direct-drive your Roomba®, very handy for when it has ended up under that bed again!

Use the 'Find me' option to make your Roomba® sing a song, this way you can find it easily if it ended up somewhere out of sight.

Thinking Cleaner can help you to make sure your house is always clean when you get back home, use the scheduling to schedule cleaning (even multiple cleaning sessions a day!). Also, you can set up Thinking Cleaner to start a cleaning session automatically when you leave your house.

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Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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