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Thesis Fit

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Thesis Fit

Well-done! If you are downloading this App then you’ve just made the first step in transforming your health and physique. The Thesis App is the perfect pairing for your experience at Thesis. We’ve created this App because we want to maximize your experience with us, simply put, it is designed as a “one-stop-shop” to keep you (and us) accountable.

See what Thesis App can do:

- Communicate with your Thesis trainer in real-time on a regular daily basis.
- See your scheduled training sessions at Thesis.
- See all your past and current body measurements and progress photos.
- Navigate through your training plan, whether you’re exploring your progress or accessing the plan to complete a remote training session.
- Stay accountable with your nutrition, activity, and sleep with a detailed tracking platform.
- Get push notifications to remind you of your sessions and at-home deliverables.
- Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch (synced to Health app), Fitbit and Withings to sync body stats instantly.
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