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Redesigned, feature-rich mobile app for temperature tracking of BBQ and cooking temps for ThermoWorks compatible Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected devices. New features include simplified setup, improved user interface, enhanced graphing functionality, and connection to ThermoWorks Cloud.

Setup temperature alarms with push notifications for the entire cook so you’ll know when to make critical adjustments and pull your masterpiece at the perfect temperature. Session data is stored in ThermoWorks Cloud with user notes for easy recall and review. Save unlimited graphs on ThermoWorks Cloud to access anytime.

ThermoWorks products are used by more competitive BBQ teams, celebrity chefs, restaurants, and home users than any other thermometer brand. Temperature is our thing. Backed by decades of temperature expertise and commercial instrumentation know-how, while supported by a fully operational accredited calibration laboratory, trust ThermoWorks when it has to be precise!

Compatible Instruments: Signals, BlueDOT, Smoke Gateway, ThermaQ Blue, ThermaQ WiFi, and ThermaData WiFi.

Signals 4-Channel BBQ Alarm
Signals uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy setup and flexibility to track your cook in any situation. Bluetooth allows you to connect directly to your smart device, up to 95-feet line-of-sight, so you can use Signals if there is no internet connection. Wi-Fi allows you to track your cook through the internet and ThermoWorks Cloud from anywhere. Compatible with Billows control fan for precise pit control.

BlueDOT BBQ Alarm, 1-Channel
BlueDOT utilizes your smart devices' Bluetooth to receive information with a communication range up to 95-feet line-of-sight. You can connect up to 6 BlueDOT devices to set high/low alarms, track min/max, and collect graph data.

Smoke Gateway
Smoke Gateway connects Smoke 2-Channel BBQ Alarm to the internet via Wi-Fi to transmit and store information in ThermoWorks Cloud. This allows the ThermoWorks App to review your temperatures, receive alerts, and view graph data from anywhere.

ThermaQ Blue Thermocouple Alarm
ThermaQ Blue allows you to measure two thermocouple probes simultaneously. Designed for serious competition BBQ pitmasters and those who want to cook like them. This is where commercial-grade quality and high accuracy meets smart device convenience.

ThermaQ WiFi
ThermaQ WiFi is designed for serious competition BBQ pitmasters and those who want to cook like them. You can track two thermocouple channels simultaneously at home, in a commercial kitchen, or wherever a Wi-Fi hotspot or router is present.

ThermaData WiFi
Access your critical temperature data from anywhere. Set your preferred logging interval and alarm limits to receive temperature alerts. Stores up to 18,000 readings (9,000 per channel) on board.

App Requirements:
*Signals, BlueDOT, ThermaQ Blue, ThermaQ WiFi, ThermaData WiFi, or Smoke by ThermoWorks & Smoke Gateway.
*2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network with internet connection to initially add devices to your account.
ThermoWorks, Inc