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Thermo Diem

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Thermo Diem

How will today or tomorrow FEEL compared to 24 hours ago?

Thermo Diem provides 7 simple outputs throughout the day:

- Much Warmer
- Warmer
- Slightly Warmer
- Similar
- Slightly Cooler
- Cooler
- Much Cooler

Thermo Diem will compare today's "feels like" temperature (taking into account relative humidity, wind, dew points, and temperature) and compares it to how it felt yesterday. This gives you the most accurate way to judge the way it feels outside because it's relative to how it made you feel the day before.

Designed specifically for the Apple Watch, it's one of the apps that makes sense to have on your wrist.

If you launch Thermo Diem in the evening it will get tomorrow's "feels like" temperature and compare it to today and display: "Tomorrow will be cooler than today".

Thermo Diem runs off data provided by the most accurate weather reporting service available today.

Science! The formula that determines how you'll feel:

AT = -2.7 + 1.04*T + 2.0*e -0.65*v
where AT and T (air temperature) are deg-C,
e is vapor pressure in kPa,
and v is 10m wind speed in m/sec.
Basic Function