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Theory Test and HPT 2017

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Theory Test and HPT 2017

Theory Test and Hazard Perception 2017 includes all OFFICIAL revision materials from the DVSA - the people who set the actual exam. Couple it with an intuitive interface and it becomes an ideal practice tool for the UK driving licence test!

Why Theory Test and Hazard Perception 2017 is all that a learner car driver will ever need:

*** DVSA revision questions ***
Practise all official DVSA revision questions.

*** Official Hazard Perception videos ***
Practice 22 revision HPT videos from DVSA.

*** Mock test ***
Take unlimited mock tests which are just like the official DVSA exam.

*** Official Explanation ***
Each practice question contains the Official Explanation of the answer from the DVSA, increasing the effectiveness of your driving theory test preparation.

*** Flagged questions ***
Flag the toughest questions on a well-designed user interface to review them again later (for example, 30 minutes before the exam).

*** Personal Trainer ***
Your “own Sherlock Holmes” thoughtfully detects the questions you need to learn the most and presents them first. Practicing for the driving theory test has never been easier!

*** The Highway Code ***
Theory Test and Hazard Perception 2017 contains a link to our standalone Highway Code app. It is totally free and includes all official DVSA materials.

*** Compatible with your Apple Watch ***
We are proud to be the ONLY theory test revision provider who offers a standalone Apple Watch app! You can now study for your test anytime, anywhere.

*** Super flexible ***
Theory Test and Hazard Perception 2017 comes with powerful and easy-to-use settings which make practicing for the driving licence exam easy for everyone.

*** Works offline ***
Practise for the driving licence test anywhere, anytime.

Don’t think. Don’t wonder. Just try Theory Test and Hazard Perception 2017 out!

This app is suitable for learner UK car drivers who wish to prepare for their car theory test.
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