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Them Kidz

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Them Kidz

If you want to share pictures of your children in a easy way with your friends and family, this is the app you are looking for!

After you have created an account you can add your child (or children). To every single child you can add persons and give them special permissions. The persons you share your pictures with can easily save them in the camera roll with one tab.

Persons, who are connected to a child, can also share pictures (if you give them permission to do so). You will also be able to get those shared pictures.

You can add your babysitter or childcare personal with permission to share pictures of your child. Their grandparents or other family members of the child will also be able to receive shared pictures.

You can easily administrate persons with different permissions, which are added to every single child.

You can choose to receive a notification, when a person shares a picture with you. You can also use Apple Watch to see shared pictures.

Imagine that you left your child with a babysitter, which you have added to your child in the app. Babysitter can now easily take a picture of your child and immediately share it with you or other added family members. If you have Apple Watch and you are sitting in a business meeting, you will then receive a discreet notification and you will be able to see the picture on your watch.

Persons, who have hard time with gadgets, but want to receive and save pictures of children or grandchildren, will be able to do it without trouble.
When you open the app you will see all of the shared pictures, which you can save with one touch in your camera roll.
Robert Feldhutter