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The VIT App by HPW

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The VIT App by HPW


We hated using different fitness timer apps for each different day of the week, so we created...

The fitness timer app you will use everyday, regardless of the time domain for today's workout.

One-Stop, All-In-One

Tabata, EMOM, For Time, AMRAP, even runs our Variable Interval Timer patented on our Hall Pass Watch.

Plus, tally your rounds or reps in For Time and AMRAP modes. With lap and round splits for each round.

Run timer app anytime on your ios smartphone if location allows,

or run any domain on your iWatch, like we also prefer.

Customize any and all time domains, rename exercises, personalize your geeking out on fitness experience.

Go as basic as running a stopwatch on your phone,
or as complex as:
Running a multi modality, multiple time domain complete exercise session.

8 minute warmup tabata
5 minute transition
10 EMOM Power Session
10 minute transition
10 skill work
5 minute transition
20 minute AMRAP
5 minute water break
Stretching Tabata.

All of this can be layered as 1 workout using the Variable Interval Timer.
All names and times can be edited and will be displayed on your iwatch, including whats up next and how much time left is on current round.

Stay accountable, dont loose time, dont let the session lag on more than necessary.

Time is your most precious resource, use it wisely! Use the VIT.

Did we mention your iwatch could show you are currently doing Power Cleans and that you have a round of Kettlebell Swings coming up on the next minute of your EMOM. Wanna program and customize exercise and rest names for them 3 rounds Fight Gones type workout? You can do that too.

You wish, you program, you perform....and therefore you improve.

Mix it up, make it count, make it fun!
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