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The Pet Pal

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The Pet Pal

The Pet Pal is the premier app for organizing and sharing information about your pets!

The intuitive user interface of The Pet Pal makes it easy to create your pet’s profile. Pet Pal enables you to schedule important events, like vet appointments, walking schedules, feeding schedules, medicine schedules, playdates, etc. You can easily create profiles for multiple pets and upload important details including photos and videos. Share your pet’s profile details with friends or a pet sitter via email. If you need to locate a pet store or vet or pet friendly park then simply use Pet Pal’s search function to find locations near you.

Application functionality includes:

- Intuitive user friendly interface
- Keep key profile information like name, microchip ID, weight, breed, birth date
- Manage photos and videos of all your pets
- Schedule and be alerted for important events
- Easily view and manage multiple pets
- Store contact details of vet, pet sitter, insurance carrier etc.
- Email pet’s details to friends & pet sitters
- Search pet store, vet, and other pet relevant locations

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