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The Patient is in

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The Patient is in

The "Patient is in" significantly reduces patient wait times with AI, Siri, Apple Watch, and iBeacon by providing an Apple Watch app for doctors and an iPad app for the charge nurse.

The charge nurse uses the "Patient is in" iPad app to send a HIPAA-compliant patient assignment to the doctor consisting of

- The name of the room in which the patient is waiting
- Important notes about the patient such as if he has irregular vital signs, or perhaps, is ready for discharge

and the "Patient is in" watch app will alert the doctor with

- A discrete vibration felt on her wrist
- An optional, audible sound

* Multi-user Siri support and wireless announcements with HomePod *

If an office deploys AirPlay-compatible speakers such as Apple's HomePod, patient assignments can be announced in a specific doctor's office. Doctors can use Siri to hear and respond to patient assignments:

- "Hey Siri, read my Patient messages"
- "Hey Siri, send a Patient message saying I'll go to Exam Room 2 in 10 minutes"

* Support for Apple Watch Series 3 with Cellular *

Communication between the watch app, the iPhone, and iPad app are secure and encrypted allowing the doctor to receive updates about a patient even when she is out of the office

* Audio and Video Conference Calls *

Enhancing the convenience of mobile conference calls with advanced presence and geolocation rules, the charge nurse can schedule a Microsoft Skype for Business conference call directly from the iPad app. A doctor can join the conference call directly from the iPhone app as well as update the charge nurse of her conference call status directly from her Apple Watch or via Siri. Apple's FaceTime is integrated throughout the app allowing doctors and nurses to initiate FaceTime calls directly from the app including the Apple Watch. Work-only FaceTime addresses may be defined to protect the privacy of personal FaceTime addresses and to support on-call doctors

* Glanceable Information *

Since the doctor may receive a new assignment while treating a patient, the "Patient is in" watch app uses haptic feedback in the form of a silent vibration to alert the doctor that a new notification was received from the charge nurse. The "Patient is in" watch app will display the new room name and abbreviated notes directly on the watch face affording the doctor a quick glance without disrupting a patient’s treatment

* Actionable Information *

The "Patient is in" watch app allows the doctor to

- Review any patient notes provided by the charge nurse
- Inform the charge nurse of the estimated time of arrival to see the patient
- Decline the assignment
- Inform the charge nurse that the assignment is completed

* Doctor Assignments, Room Status, and Doctor Location *

In addition to notifying the doctor that the patient is ready to be treated, the "Patient is in" iPad app allows the charge nurse to quickly view

- Doctor availability
- Status of each assignment
- Status of rooms
- Location of off-site surgeons and anesthesiologists with live maps and view of traffic
- Location of on-site surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other key staff using iBeacon technology
- Make and schedule audio and video conference calls

* Support for low-vision and blind therapists and doctors *

The "Patient is in" provides access to patient assignments, all of which have been designed to support low-vision and blind therapists:
- A patient assignment can be announced in a specific office using an AirPlay-compatible speaker such as HomePod. This removes the step in which the user must first access an iPhone notification to find out about the assignment
- Conversations with the charge nurse using Siri on iPhone, Apple Watch, and HomePod: "Hey Siri, read my patient messages" allows the doctor to hear her patient assignments and respond to them with estimated time of arrival and notice of assignment completion
- The watch app supports VoiceOver providing a great user experience
Zaid Al-Timimi