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The Next Bus

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The Next Bus

"The Next" is a simple to use application that provides you the time remaining for a bus arrives at the stop where you are, without further ado or studies on transport.

When you come to a stop you can search by proximity (adjustable) buses that are coming to the stop closest to you. This way you can save it as a favorite.

Favorite stops shown on the initial screen of the application and ordered by proximity of the device to the bus stops on your list.

Just start the app on the phone or turn your wrist and see the information out of next bus on the screen. You can update the information on request.

With the application started, you will see the information closest to you with the time remaining to reach the bus stop. If you add the dock will be faster access.

In the clock when the application is active as long as the wrist and turn again to reactivate the sphere you will update the remaining time. If you click on the image bus recharges information.

On the phone also they have a button to refresh the information stops.

In addition you have information on a map with the location of the stop, the traffic of that time and a circular distance at which bus stop is next area.

It is obvious, but constantly use the update of the information stops reduces the battery capacity of the devices.

This application uses real-time data provided by the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) (Spain)

"The Next" need connection (WiFi or 3G / 4G) and uses GPS geolocation.
Jose Luis Medel Grimaldi