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The News App

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The News App

Local and International
News for Germany
in English

– Local
Get the latests on what is happening in Germany and in Berlin.

– International
Stay up to date on the world happenings.

– in English
Perfect companion if you live in Germany but don't speak German.

– Feeds
Read RSS feeds from major providers like The Guardian, Reuters, Der Spiegel and The Local.

– No ads
Read without ads, or distractions.

– Simple
No need to access any website, or paywall, to read the headlines and the summary. Access their website only when you are interested on an article.

– Reader
Make reading easy on your eyes, both during the day or at nights. This feature makes the content low contrast.

– Text adjust
Adjust the size of the font to a point that it is easy and comfortable to maximise your reading experience.

– Seamless experience
The News is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

Privacy Policy
– Total Privacy
This app doesn't access or store any data related to you at any time. We don't have analytics in place, or cookies, and we don't track you in any way.

Feel free to use this app as you please.

– Providers
This app is independent of The Guardian, Reuters, Der Spiegel and The Local, and has no relation to any of them.

Free on the App Store
No ads
No subscriptions
No analytics
No monetising with your data
The News App is completely free to use, forever.

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Agustin Iturbide