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The List

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The List

This is a simple time saving list for shopping. It allows you to log items that you or your significant other can pick up in the store, either using words or pictures (or both). You can sync the list between devices, so that if you significant other needs to pick up something on the way home, you can just say "Stop by the store - it's on The List."

You can add pictures to the list to remove all questions on the exact item you need. Quick Add for Pictures is provided for when you're in a hurry, and you can update description later if the picture is not enough. As an additional time saver, you can group your list by what store you'll be buying them at.

There is also an Apple Watch interface so that you don't even have to pull out your phone at the store, just pull up The List on your Watch, and you can see what you need.

Synching is also provided, so that you can share your list between devices and people.

-Quickly Add Pictures to the list.
-Synch list to as many devices as you want.
-Edit items in list.
-Tap to mark items complete.
-Delete all completed items.
-Swipe to delete individual items.
-Group items by store.
-Apple Watch interface.

Future updates will include:
-Update list of stores.
-Quickly add recent items.
-Zoom in on pics.
-Alphabetize On/Off option.
Dustin Shaw