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The Law is For All

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The Law is For All

The Law is for All

A toolbox for practitioners of Thelema

Functions include:
• Liber Al
•• Text of the Law
•• Bibliomancy (Random quotations)
• Resh
•• Local Times
•• Guides to the text
•• Alarms/Notifications
• Thelemic Clock and Calendar
•• Astrological position of Sun, Moon, and Planets*
•• Astrological transits
• Divination
•• IChing
•• Tarot
• Journal
• Watch App

Extra purchases:
• Setting the time manually to the clock for the Thelemic Time
• Seeing all the planets in the Thelemic Clock
• Extra Journal entries.
•• You get 11 to start
•• Resh is always free to journal.
•• Additional entry packs are inexpensive