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The Keys Locker

by boceto;
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The Keys Locker

by boceto;
Control from your smartPhone the opening of all products compatible with The Keys app:
- your smartlock,
- your gate, garage door,
- the hall door,
- the access to your office.
discover the compatible products on the website

- From the app, give temporary or recurring access to your relatives' or tenants' smartphones
- For those who do not have a smartphone, the digicode and remote control work like a smartphone. Accesses are configured from the app
- Control your lock remotely with the gateway
- Close the door automatically with the door sensor

Access control
- Control access via the access log.
- Set up notifications for each person you give access to.

But also:
- Enter hands-free mode, smartphone in your pocket. It detects the lock when you are approaching and opens the door.
- Take advantage of the presence of our technicians every day from 8am to 9pm on the chat on the home page of the site:
- The keys is compatible with your home automation box
- Automate the creation of codes during reservations.

Installation in two minutes!