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The Habitized Life

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The Habitized Life

Moms and caregivers, come join this inclusive community of families who are creating homes that promote health-conscious habits and coaching their own families to adopt daily routines that set a solid foundation for long-term physical, emotional, and environmental health.

With The Habitized Life, we will empower you and your family to make small tweaks in daily routines that bring big changes in the connection and consistency in your home.

Our customized programming and coaching options are relatable across all family types including families who are:
-introducing habits in a home for the first time,
-wanting a reboot from where you left off,
-blending families or caregivers with different habit experiences, or
-desiring a complete overhaul after a major life change.

Your body, mind, and family are not one size fits all and neither is The Habitized Life approach to habits. Let us meet you where you are. Because where you are now is only part of your story.

The Habitized Life is intended to grow with you and your family as every member shifts in age, stage, and ability. We work with you directly to assess why habits are important to you, personalize what motivates your family to commit to change, and design a unique plan to help you improve the skills, systems, and structure that make your family thrive.

We help you filter through the latest research and the social media trends to prioritize habits that align best with your family culture and life stages - preserving your time, money, and energy for what matters most to you and your family!

Created by two moms, The Habitized Life app features customized tools and training designed with the messiness of parenthood and the realities of family self-care in mind.

We work with you directly to create to-do lists and daily habit goals that make you feel motivated to start your day and won’t keep you awake at night. We support you DOING LESS by feeling more confident in:
-selecting health-conscious daily routines,
-tracking daily, weekly, and monthly SMART goals,
communicating and coaching family members in changing expectations and patterns,
-planning hands-on activities that involve the entire family in daily health routines, and
-organizing spaces and schedules that support your personal and family goals.

The Habitized Life tools and training can also be applied to other family-oriented nurturing and learning environments that create a supportive village such as parenting networks, early childhood centers, communal play spaces, homeschool communities, athletic groups, etc.

The Habitized Life app includes:
- customized programming you can read, watch, and complete independently 24/7
- habit tracking of personalized SMART goals for you and your family
- friendly push notifications to keep you focused whether at home, work, travel, etc.
- direct message with coaches for real time guidance and support
- access to a community for tips and inspiration from other program participants
- integration with the Health app
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