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The Game of Odds

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The Game of Odds

Single player
Social Media Sharing
Featuring your challenges on our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more)
Apple Watch Support

Coming soon:
Group Mode: Play with up to 10 friends
Blind Challenge: Play without knowing the challenge. The game will reveal a random challenge at the end.
Lives: Did you lose but want to skip a challenge? Purchase one of our Lives Packages.

Think of something either silly or crazy and challenge your friend(s).
Odds starts with you challenging a friend (Single Player Mode). Ex: What are the odds that you send the text msg "I do not like you!" to the last person that called you? Or, What are the odds that you "eat three hot peppers" in a row? "Mmm... 1 in 10" your friend says.

Enter your friend's name, along with his chosen number (between 1 and 50 based on the example above), and the challenge description. After that, just press the "Generate" (random number) button. If the number obtained matches your friend's number, it will turn green color. Your friend then has to do the challenge.
You can also play with your friend on Multi-Player Mode.

Take a video or picture of you and/or friend doing the challenge and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else, and use #thegameofodds to see it featured on Social Media pages.

Have Fun!
Jadiel Alfonso