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The Force Watch

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The Force Watch

#WWDC WatchOS 3.0 – 40% off sale!
Experience the power of the Force! With a wave of your hand, you too can control a Star Wars BB-8 Droid just like a Jedi and Darth Vader.

Put on your Apple Watch, and learn to master the Force within you. Challenge your friends to see who has the strongest Force!

Impress friends and family with the mythical, magical power. Be creative with the gestures and costumes for endless fun.

*iPhone (iOS 9+), Apple Watch (v2.1+), and Star Wars BB-8 by Sphero required.

The Force Watch app is powered by Tickle, the world’s first and the most extensive programming platform for drones, robots, Arduino, Apple Watch, and smart homes. See to create your own apps.
Tickle Labs, Inc.