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The Discer

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The Discer

The Discer is designed to record disc golf scores in addition to many details of the game. Use the statistics features to see how you progress over time. Use the GPS and maps to assist in your gameplay, showing you where the tee and basket are, and recording the distances of the discs you throw.

With The Discer it is possible to record every aspect of game play in an efficient way, without slowing down the gameplay.

Disc golf is similar to regular golf, except instead of balls, clubs and holes, players throw discs into baskets.


• Manage Courses
• Manage Players
• Configure Disc Bags for Players
• Record Disc, Throw Type, GPS Location and more for each throw
• Display Course and Throws on Map
• Courses support any number of holes.
• Holes support any number of tees and baskets.
• Get direction and distance to tees and baskets
• Record Lost Discs Approximate Location
• Dropbox File Sharing Integration
• Built-in Web Server File Sharing
• Share Files with AirDrop, Messages, Mail, Dropbox, iTunes and more.
• Built-in Help File
• Variety of Statistics
• Handicap Calculator
• Handicapped Games
• Play Skin or Standard Games
• Import and Export Database
• Adjustable Theme
• Supports any par value
• Standard Score Card View
• View Game in List form
• Share Players, Courses, Games, Game Scores, Statistics
• Copy Games
• Edit Players for a Game in Progress
• Settle Ties with Coin Flip, Sudden Death or Choose a winner


The Discer can use previously played games to create a variety of statistics to help visualize game play. Statistics include:

• Game Scores
• Player vs Par
• Disc Distances
• Disc Usage
• Drive Distances
• Disc Usage
• Drive Distances
• Midrange Distances
• Putt Distances
• Throw Types - Forehand, backhand, overhand, roller
• Throw Categories - Drive, midrange, putt
• Putts Per Game
• Average Drive Distances
• Putts Made Distances

Note: Statistics involving distances depend on games having throws recorded with GPS fixes.

Mapping Features:

When courses have GPS fixes for tees and baskets, the course can be displayed on a map. Perfect for situational awareness during gameplay. See your location in relation to the course layout.

When throws are recorded using GPS fixes and discs, the throws will appear on the map, showing where each disc was thrown from and how far it was thrown.

Use the map to measure distances between course features or between any arbitrary location.

The map can be used to refine disc throws as well as to configure course layouts and design.

GPS Features:

Record the location of tees and baskets for a course using the GPS features. This makes the course visible on a map and provides a way to determine the distance from the player to the basket or a tee.

When throw locations have GPS fixes, the distances of the throws can be determined and used for statistical purposes.
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