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The Couple

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The Couple

The Simplest Record for Two, The Couple

Make a connection in The Couple with your lover and make a space for two.
Your anniversaries, date diaries, each other's birthdays are all in one place!
Record stories, upload photos, and share memories with your lover.
With The Couple, you won't miss precious moments even in your busy daily life.

■ Automatically calculated anniversary
Check out the 100th, 200th days, as well as the 1st and 2nd anniversaries.
You can also get a notification on each anniversary!

- It is easy to manage the schedule with an automatically calculated anniversary list every 100 days.
- Make sure you don't miss important days with the alarm function before 7, 3, 5, and 1 day of anniversary!

■ Decorate the background screen in your own way
- We give you various themes, hearts icons, background effects, and background pictures.
- Put your photos on the background screen and decorate it in your style with various effects!
- There are also various fonts built in the app to add more vibe.

■ Story that accumulated over time
- Keep a record of your precious day.
- You can upload 3 photos in one Story. (30 photos for premium users)
- You can record the story in each picture by captioning.
- You can share it with each other by posting comments and downloading photos.

■ Check anniversaries with the home screen widget!
- Check out anniversaries with loved one and each other's birthdays with various widgets on the iPhone home screen!

* How to set up the Home Screen Widget *
1. Press and hold the empty space on the iPhone home screen.
2. Press the + button on the top.
3. Please select The Couple from the list.
4. Select the widget and click 'Add Widget' at the bottom.
5. Press and hold the widget to change options through 'Edit Widgets'.

■ If you want to use The Couple more specially, The Couple Premium

Upgrade to a premium plan and try all premium services.
(Remove ads, decorate with various themes and other features, upload photos, save photos, lock-down features, etc.)

- Your subscription payment will be charged to your Apple app store account.
- If you do not cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of your subscription, it will renew automatically.
- To cancel the subscription, you have to cancel the subscription directly from the app store using the Apple app store account you paid for.
- Restoring subscriptions is only possible with the same Apple app store account.
- If you cancel your subscription (payment), you can still use the service for the rest of your plan.

* For inquiries about app errors and abnormal behavior, please use the path below.
- Email : [email protected]
- Terms and Conditions :
- App -> Settings -> Contact Us
- Phone: 070-7647-1050
TheDayBefore, Inc.