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The Ark Labs

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The Ark Labs

Manage Water Usage and Protect Your Home from Damage with Ark Labs
Save money on your utility bills while being more earth-friendly and water conscious with The Ark Labs’ water-monitoring and leak-detecting devices and software.

· Track water usage and monitor flow
· The Ark learns your consumption through your usage pattern
· Alerts the home owner when an anomaly or leak appears, form a leaking pipe to a running toilet
· Through the App, shut off the leaking pipe and reduce catastrophic damage to your home
· Control your houses water like never before helping to eliminate the $8 billion of annually water loss

Use this app to track basic water usage in your home or business, and even shut off water when you detect a leak. It learns your normal usages and sends an alert to your cellphone or computer when it detects an unusual variance.

The app will show you daily, weekly and monthly usage.

With The Ark, you can Shut off the Water from your Phone

With The Ark’s water-measuring technology, you can identify a leak, a drip, or anything – including a running toilet or an open tap – that causes water waste and rising costs.

Simply open the app and tap the SHUT OFF key. The Ark’s leak-detecting device will notify you of any standing water. Then when you are ready, you can turn your water back on.
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