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The 24 Math Game [Free]

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The 24 Math Game [Free]

Welcome to the 24 game! This is the FREE ad-supported version!


Goal: Make 24 using all four given numbers and any combination of basic operations.

Solving: To solve a puzzle, simply tap any two numbers and an operation (+ - x / ). We’ll compute the resulting answer, which you’ll see in your numbers bank. When you have only one number in your numbers bank, if the number is 24, you win!


Modes: You can change the difficulty level as you like. There are three modes: easy, medium and hard.

Leaderboard: As you win puzzles, you can see how your score compares to others.

Challenge a friend: If you find a tough puzzle, feel free to challenge a friend and see how they do.

Force touch shortcuts: You can access your favorite features in the app with just one tap from the home screen.

Apple watch app: See the current puzzle on the apple watch app so you can solve puzzles on the go.

Enjoying the game? We’d really appreciate it if you could leave us a rating on the app store. Otherwise, feel free to email us at ___ for feature requests or feedback. Let us know how you feel!

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