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That's I

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That's I

Easily share your contact information. Share different information with business partners, real and mere friends.
Share through the activity sheet, QR codes or show swipeable cards.

"That's I" lets you select contacts from your address book and deselect any information that are not appropriate to share. "That's I" will save this information under a title you choose for immediate access. Share different contact details and contact images with different people.

"That's I" will only use information of your address book. The only exception are contact photos, which you can also add from your camera roll.

- Create data sets with name and a special identifier
- Deselect the information you don't want to share
- Add an individual photo to your contact
- Share as QR code
- Share via mail, AirDrop etc. usw
- Show your single informations on cards
- Read QR codes
Gero Lubeseder