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TesyCharging for Tesla

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TesyCharging for Tesla

TesyCharging gives full control and statistic of charging process and its costs of your Tesla. No annoying background fetch that keeps your car awake and drains the battery.
Minimize battery drains since request to the vehicle are only done when the owner asks for by opening the app.
With this app, you can:
- open/close charging port
- start/stop charing
- set charging limit
- unlock charging cable
- capture the current battery status and location of the vehicle
- capture the start and end time of charging
- analyze and visualize the consumption
- analyze and visualize the costs of charging
- record and analyse your trips
- set the kWh price at your home address or set the total costs of each charging
- sync apple devices over iCloud
- export all captured data as tab separated file to Google Drive or locally on your device
- import from a tab separated file from Google Drive or from your device
- defrost your Tesla
- livestream of the location and speed
- supports multiple Tesla vehicles
- supports Teslas Multifactor Authentifiaction
- show nearby superchargers

The app is compatible with Tesla Model S, X, 3

All data is stored only locally on your device.

Privacy/Security notice: This app only communicates directly to Tesla Motors Inc. servers when sending login credentials and commands. No identifying information is stored anywhere else.

Disclaimer: This Software and documentation do not come from nor is endorsed by Tesla Motors Inc. Use this app at your own risk. The author does not guarantee its proper functioning. This app attempt to use the same interface used by official Tesla apps. However, you are responsible for any changes to your car caused by using this app. Use of this app can move or change settings to your car and we are not liable for any damages to you, your car or any other object in conjunction with the use of this app.

Special Thanks: Jaren Hamblin for the TeslaKit API

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David Lüthi