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Track your Tesla lease mileage easily and automatically with TesLease!

Generally, lease tracker apps require you to input your lease mileage on a regular basis. If you forget, the data isn't very useful and not up-to-date. TesLease connects to your vehicle directly and updates itself without you needing to do anything, so your info is always current.

All data is yours. No backend servers connecting to your car, nobody else pretending to be you. All communication to your vehicle happens securely from your phone, and your data never leaves your device. We take your privacy seriously, so we're careful about making sure the app works without the need for computers in other places doing things on your behalf.

CSV Import and Export function is useful if you're already tracking mileage in a spreadsheet! You can load your existing data into the app to provide historical data, or you can export data the app collects over time so you can store it for safekeeping, or do other analysis on it if that's your business. As always, your data is yours and you can do with it whatever you wish.

Finally, we've included a couple stylish iOS 14 Widgets for keeping an overview of your mileage or providing fast access to your vehicle's battery state. We love widgets and we think you will too!

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Cory Imdieke