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Tennyx helps you keep score of your tennis match and track corresponding fitness information (steps, distance, heart rate, burnt calories ) at the same time. Tennyx integrates with the Health app which is the source of the fitness/health data.

All matches will be stored on your device and you can go back an check scores and health/fitness related data for past matches.

Tennyx can be used in conjunction with Apple Watch and the available app extension. You can keep/change the score of you match on the watch without having to carry the phone. Data will be sent to and stored on the phone. You can also just wear the watch and have a coach or partner keep the score on the phone app while the watch will collect and send health information to the phone where it is stored together with the match timeline.

Currently all health information is shown in a cumulative and/or average fashion but the data stored by the app is much richer and will be available for visualization and analysis in future versions of the app.
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