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Tennis Watchcard

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Tennis Watchcard

Keep Tennis Scores on your wrist! Now for WatchOS 6!
Track your Tennis on Apple Watch Workout App AND in iPhone HealthKit!!!
Use our iPhone app as a scoreboard! 

Try "Open Game" mode to track many other games.

Keeping score is only the start Tennis Watchcard is now also an on/off court companion with Workout App and HealthKit integrated tracking for Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Flexibility, Rolling and Other.

Tennis Watchcard allows you to forget about having to remember the score during a tennis match. Keep traditional 15-30-40 Sets to 6 and Games to 11 or 21 and well as allowing you to create an Open Game.

iPhone App can be used as a Scoreboard to display your score to your opponent or spectators.

Because your off court activities are just as important to your game as your on court performance, we have included tracking for activities like stretching (Flexibility) or “foam rolling” (Rolling) workout.

Displays HealthKit Workout Information:
heart rate

* WatchOS 6
* Dark Mode
* Workout App & HealthKit integration
* iPhone App Scoreboard
* Add player name using voice
* 15-30-40 Scoring
* Points to Games
* Ad Scoring
* Number of Games Per Set
* Workout clock

* 6 workout types:
1. Tennis
2. Table Tennis
3. Badminton
4. Flexibility
5. Rolling
6. Other
* AD 15-30-40 Sets to 6
* Games to 7 Sets to 6
* Games to 11 Sets to 3
* Games to 21 Sets to 3
* Open Game
Chenchieh Su