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Tennis Watch

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Tennis Watch

Tennis Watch is the first tennis app designed for Apple Watch. It turns your Apple Watch into a simple and easy-to-use score tracking device. All matches are stored on your iPhone and sophisticated statistics give you insights on how to improve your game.

• Point by point score tracker
• Game by game score tracker
• Configure your preferred scoring method
• Keep track of all your matches
• In-depth overview of every match played
• Assign match opponents and teammates
• Match trends and performance statistics
• Break point statistics
• Service statistics
• Tiebreak statistics
• Single and Double match modes
• Also works for Padel tennis


How to use the app:

It is simple. Just start the app from your Apple Watch and follow the instructions.


The watch is by default set to wake to the watch face. If Tennis Watch does not open on Wrist Raise gesture during a match, please do the following from the watch home screen:

1. Tap Settings > tap General > tap Wake Screen
2. Make sure that "Wake Screen on Wrist Raise" is turned on.
3. Scroll down to "Resume to: Previous Activity" and checkmark.

If you don't want to get any inconvenient messages or phone calls while playing, make sure to set the watch to "Do not disturb". This is how you do it on your Apple Watch:

1. Press the Digital Crown until you get to the watch face.
2. Swipe up to bring up glances.
3. Swipe all the way left to get to the Settings glance
4. Tap on the Do Not Disturb button (moon icon).


We would love to hear about your thoughts on how we can improve the app. Use the Feedback button in the Tennis Watch app (iPhone) to contact us.

Every game counts, have fun!
Future Memories AB