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Tennis Scoreboard!

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Tennis Scoreboard!

An elegant and intuitive scoreboard to keep track of all your matches and rivalries from your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad.

iPhone/iPad app:

• Add and edit players, set the number of sets, who serves first and you are good to go!
• Choose between two different match views: a score view with big numbers to be seen from far away, or a statistics view with a complete overview of the match and live stat bars.
• Add points, aces and double faults from any of the views. Undo and redo as needed.
• Automatically keep the match and individual sets' time. Manually pause and resume as needed.
• All match information is automatically saved to keep your rivalry statistics and all time head-to-head score.
• Take a tour from within the app anytime to discover all the features.

Apple Watch app:

• Record your match without looking at your watch or getting distracted! Tapping on the top half of the screen adds a point for your opponent while the bottom half adds a point for you.
• Record aces and double faults with double taps.
• Leave your iPhone by the court to have a live scoreboard controlled from your wrist!

* Note: To keep the scoreboard active when you raise your wrist please make sure to enable resuming to the "Last Used App" in your watch's Settings > General > Activate on Wrist Raise > Last Used App.


Leave your feature requests and feedback in the reviews to make sure that we address them!
Ernesto Rivera