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Tennis Score Keepr

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Tennis Score Keepr

Tennis Score Keepr is an app designed to track your score during a tennis match. There is 2 ways to use the app, as a player with the Apple Watch or as a referee with the iPhone while seating on the bench.

There is also 2 modes of data storage:

- Local mode (included) where you each player tracks its score individually.
- Cloud connected mode (Premium Connectivity required: $2,49/month), where one player creates a match and shares it with the other players. Only that player can track the score and it is synchronized on everybody else’s iPhone and watches (a network connection is required). With the connected mode, players will also be able to share a weblink to anyone who wants to see and track the score in live.

At the end of the match each player can see the match statistics and timeline. Finally, the app comes with a fine settings options that allows you to play in any kind of configurations.

Your tennis match is geolocated so you will remember where it took place.

The app is using HealthKit to track metrics during a tennis match. It displays your current heartbeat and active kilo calories at glance on your Apple Watch.

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