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Tennis Line Call App

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Tennis Line Call App

Turning your iPhone into an AI line umpire device. If you are looking for the best line calls for your value then this is the app you want. Higher frame rate, more efficient design, quicker results and stronger algorithms than other apps.

Adopt the easy routine every amateur tennis player is striving for and play a fair tennis game:

1. Start the tennis app.
2. (optional) Sync up with your opponent by scanning QR code.
3. Setup your phone on a tripod facing your side of the court.
4. When there is a questionable line call, trigger a line challenge with your Apple Watch. Within seconds, your watch will show a picture of whether the ball bounced In or Out.

Try the app for free for 7 days, and if you like it subscribe for $99/year (= less than $8.50/month).

The Tennis Line Call App is the end of disagreements, cheating or self doubt about line calls when playing a tennis match.
You can also use the serve speed and In or Out analytics results to improve with the rapid feedback of the app while on court.
Line Call LLC