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Tennis Fit

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Tennis Fit

Tennis players can track score, serve order, workout data and count strokes all while protecting their privacy with NO Ads and NO required Signups!

If you are a tennis player with an Apple Watch and want to get the most out of your tennis game, Tennis Fit is made for you. Download the app today to improve your tennis game and your health. Tennis Fit is a native App for Apple Watch so it works even if your Apple Watch is not currently connected (or out of range) of your iPhone.

** NEW: IOS 12 and WatchOS 5 Compatible


- automatically monitors your tennis workout fitness data in real-time, providing a count of tennis strokes, steps, active energy burned (calibrated for tennis activity type) and live heart rate monitoring during your tennis workout.

- internationalized symbolic display of workout stats and setting from metrics system units

- Automatically works seamlessly with other iPhone activity tracking Apps, helping you "close the rings" toward your fitness goals.

 Current activity rings are displayed within the Watch App during your workout. Use Activity App for iPhone to see Tennis Fit contributions to your health data.


- keeps track of the current match score using game-by-game (or optionally point-by-point) tracking right on your wrist. Apple Watch tactile and audio feedback confirms scoring events and an undo button easily erases mistakes.

- Use Apple Watch audio dictation to quickly identify other players.

- Track serve order (Doubles or Singles) with "Current Server" indicator

- Use your paired iPhone as a remote "Classic Style" scoreboard monitor, so that friends/family/coach can follow during the match and remotely view the current match score being kept by the player on their Apple Watch.

- At your option, you can share scoreboard on social media with new IPhone scoreboard "SHARE" button

- Establish goals (# Strokes, # Calories, Duration, Match Completion) and receive goal notifications


-Tennis Fit Apple Watch complications bring key Tennis Fit data onto Apple Watch face.

** NEW: Watch Series 4 complications.


Tennis Fit Pro available as an In-App purchase learns each of your shot types (Serve, Driving Forehand, Topspin Backhand, etc...). During your workout, Tennis Fit performs real-time stroke classification, estimate ball speed for each shot type, and can capture your tennis strokes and play them back in a 3D viewer (showing wrist position and speed). Summary metrics are displayed on Apple Watch in real-time and uploaded to iPhone for a detailed shot-by-shot analysis using Tennis Fit companion App for iPhone. Join the Tennis Fit community and anonymously share your shot data and compare your shots to other players with the same rating to identify relative strengths and weaknesses in your game.
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