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Humans have an internal biological clock that helps them anticipate and adapt to the regular rhythm of the day, namely circadian rhythm. Scientific research has shown the importance of circadian rhythm for human health, and led to a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2017.

Tempori is an innovative iPhone and Apple Watch app that helps users schedule some daily activities based on general circadian rhythms determined by daylight. It offers some timing related advices, and tracks suitability of activities at anytime, based on the user's own schedule.

On iPhone, it lets the user set constrained schedules with intuitive gestures, and visualizes them as colorful arcs, together with a color-coded ring (clock) for daily variation of light conditions. Since light is the primary signal for circadian rhythm, the user can study the year-round daylight conditions at the current location interactively.

The watch app tracks the suitability of those activities continuously, based on the user's schedule.

Tempori is integrated with the Apple Health app. In both iPhone and watch apps, the user can record health activities and save data into the Health app.

If the user subscribes to premium features, daylight conditions, daily temperature range and precipitation anywhere in the world can be studied, as well as hourly temperatures in US. Travel plans can be set on a map, and the watch app will help the user prepare for jet lag with automatic schedule shift before the trip. Personal activity data in the Health app will be visualized together with relevant schedules, for convenient comparison. These include sleep analysis, heart rates, dietary energy intake, caffeine intake, workouts, mindful sessions, toothbrushing, and handwashing events. The user's historical heart rates and heart rate variability (HRV) are analyzed and visualized, to evaluate heart health and guide workout intensity. Sound levels and BMI are visualized. Correlated color temperature of light sources can be measured. Fish mercury level data are provided for dietary health. In addition, watch face complications offer gentle hints of the most important activity at anytime. If the user has not gone to bed after the scheduled bedtime, the watch app will try to notify the user based on activity detection.

In summary, Tempori takes advantage of and enhances Apple Watch's essential function: timing. It will help users build habits for health and productivity.
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