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Tempo In Motion

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Tempo In Motion

Tempo in Motion is a scientifically engineered system that works! Analyze your golf swing, find your individual tempo, and perfect your rhythm with our proven system that uses auditory click patterns and music tracks to sync your movement.

Rhythm and tempo impact every phase of your golf game. From the full swing, short game, putting stroke, to your pre-shot and your overall game. Tap into the timing of your game. Use the click patterns and music tracks to sync your takeaway, transition, and impact and be on your way to playing the best golf of your life.

Swing Test: The app allows you to test your swing tempo using your iPhone and your Apple Watch - set up your iPhone so the front facing camera can record and, with your Apple Watch on, demonstrate your golf swing. The Watch will cue the start of the recording, and the motion detector will report information for the swing tempo, and feed the video into the Swing Analyzer. This can be done for each swing type.

Swing Analyzer: Take a video of yourself performing your golf swing. In the app, adjust the sliders to the exact video frame of your takeaway and impact point, and use the calculate button to get your swing tempo.

Training: The Radio is tuned to your tempo and plays audio tracks scientifically engineered to fit the rhythm of the sports movement. They comprise voice prompts, rhythmic patterns, and instrumental music in many genres and speeds to fine tune your game.

The Playlist allows you to easily create custom playlists and stream your tempo tunes anytime, anywhere.

Coaching: You can contact a coach within the app for individual instruction. the field of rhythm and tempo is subtle and can be complex. Fortunately our experts are here to help. Send your questions and one of our experts will answer and help you achieve your goals.
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