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Tempest Weather

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Tempest Weather

This app requires the Tempest sensor device, which is available to buy separately.

Need to set up and configure your Tempest Weather System? The Tempest app will walk you through a few simple steps, including connecting your home’s WiFi network. Once you’re up and running the app will quickly become your go-to for real-time weather conditions, lightning and rain alerts, and the most accurate forecast for your location - guaranteed.

Data available in the Tempest app includes:
Temp, humidity, dew point, feels like, heat index
Barometric pressure, sea-level pressure, trends
Lightning detection and alerts up to 40 km
Wind, UV, solar irradiance
Rain rate, accumulation, rain onset alerts
10-day forecast
Historical weather data graphs

Smart Home Ready:
Use this app to save time, energy, and water by integrating with popular smart home and irrigation services. Use your weather data to optimize heating and cooling, adjust your irrigation schedule, and alert your family when lightning storms approach. Tempest is compatible with Google Assistant, Rachio, IFTTT, Siri, Alexa, Homey, and many more.

Weather Geek Worthy:
The Tempest device features an all-in-one sensor and long-range wireless connectivity (1000ft), sonic anemometer, and haptic rain sensor, but it is far more than just a cutting-edge piece of hardware. Each Tempest leverages WeatherFlow-Tempest’s patented Nearcast Technology™, which feeds real-time observed weather data from your backyard into a machine learning system to dramatically improve forecast accuracy where it matters most.

Completely Customizable:
Tempest’s open API and shareable data enable third-party use, with built-in publication to desktop software and online services.