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TELUS Secure Business

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TELUS Secure Business

TELUS Secure Business is your complete all-in-one security, safety and smart business solution. Protect, automate and control your business in real-time from anywhere in the world, from any current mobile device. All you need is Internet or mobile service, a Secure Business service plan and the smart devices you wish to install in your business.

The TELUS Secure Business app offers solutions for:
- Security and safety alerts
- Interactive video monitoring
- Remote awareness (knowing when your business has opened and closed)
- Business automation

Optimize your business from wherever you are. Just tap your app, and you'll have real time access to what's happening at your business. View your video screens or clips, change and control settings and make your business the safest and smartest it can be.

Whether you're at a customer meeting or halfway around the world, TELUS Secure Business has you covered. The app can send you notifications, you can instantly view your front door or back office, make and change rules to maximize energy efficiency, and have direct access to every security and smart device you've installed.

Simple icons and easy-to-follow screens give you remote access and control. Tap a button to view your cameras, pre-program your system to arm and disarm automatically, get reporting to provide you with graphs of volume and timing of traffic into your business.

Have an Apple watch? Keep your business running smart with a flick of the wrist. Arm and disarm your system, check notifications, and control all of your installed devices right from your watch.

Note: This TELUS Secure Business app requires a compatible system, internet access and a Secure Business service plan. The app features and their usage varies based on the solution chosen, equipment and service plan. Visit ( for more information.

With the TELUS Secure Business app, you can:
- Receive real-time emails, text messages, and push notifications for unexpected activity and events that matter to you
- View your business and property from your installed video cameras
- Pre-program or turn lights on or off
- Set the ideal temperature on your smart thermostat
- Receive reports of traffic volumes broken down by days and times
- Search your complete event history
- Provide, remove, or limit access to employees based on days and times

How the TELUS Secure Business app helps you stay connected to your business:
- Know instantly when your business has been opened or closed
- Arm and disarm your system from anywhere, or automatically as you leave the business
- Know when people access restricted areas
- Be alerted when certain doors are left open
- Know if someone changes any of your system settings
- Limit false alarms by remotely viewing your cameras, disarming, then re-arming your system without having to drive to your business.
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