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TelepromptMe Pro Text Scroll

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TelepromptMe Pro Text Scroll

If you want to try before you buy, download the TelepromptMe-Sugar version which you can use to see if you like it.  

Buy the iOS version and get the macOS pro version for free.

Speak like a pro on videos or video conferences.

Import a script (or create one in the app) and have it scroll in front of you at a natural speed so you can read aloud and make your speech word perfect!

Record a video of yourself giving the speech and use it in your projects or share it.

Also Compatible with Pro Teleprompt BeamSplitters so you can record a professional-level piece to camera or video conference via your Teleprompt hardware.

For use by anyone needing to speak like a pro using a scrolling script prompt. For example:
- Actors submitting a video audition recording
- Professionals speaking on a live video conferences
- YouTubers
- Students needing to create a video presentation for an assignment
- Keynote speakers creating recorded content or live events using teleprompt rigs
- Broadcasters for live or recorded broadcast when script prompting is required
- TikTok content creators
.....basically for anyone, beginner or pro needing a script teleprompter

Features include:

- No limits (i.e no limit on number of scripts, length etc)
- No signup required
- Import PDF, txt and rtf files
- PDF filters include the ability to import actors scripts
- Edit or create your script within the app
- Sync scripts across all your devices
- Dyslexia mode for easier reading
- Remote control feature to control teleprompt from any other TelepromptMe iOS or macOS app on the same wifi network
- Hardware remote compatible (with most brands of remote)
- Countdown timer to allow you to compose yourself before script scrolls
- Timer to show you how long you have been going
- Adjust the speed and size of text
- Scroll your script at a specific speed or set a duration and the speed is calculated automatically......or page through your script manually at your own pace
- Record video of yourself giving a speech and save it to video file....or just have the script scroll without recording
- Automatically add subtitle captions to your video
- Pro Beamsplitter mode for mirroring text on hardware teleprompters
- Set margins on your Teleprompter view
- Does not require an internet connection
- None of your data ever leaves your computer
- One off price with no recurring payments
- Comes with macOS version of the same app
Ian Stephenson