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Want to control your Teleprompt+ session from your Watch? Now you can. Teleprompt+ for Apple Watch allows you to remotely control your iPhone prompting session. And, thanks to the iPhone’s built-in remote control functions, you can control several devices, including iPhones, iPads, and even Macs—all from your wrist.

Multiple Layouts
5 button layouts for controlling pause/play, speed, cue points, and recording
Script Library
Access to scripts and groups, so you can select without touching your iPhone
Easy Restart
Restart a script from the beginning with a simple Force Press
Bombing Brain Interactive

Bombing Brain Interactive is a Philadelphia, PA based company founded in 2009. Its flagship app, Teleprompt+, has been the leading teleprompter software on iOS for more than four years. Bombing Brain also makes Setlists, a lyrics and setlist manager for iOS, and Teleprompt+ for Mac.