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Teleport Game

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Teleport Game

Teleport is a super-addictive and fast-paced arcade game. In Teleport, you start as a magic ball, the white dot, that can teleport to the point you touch in the screen. The objective of the game is to keep the magic ball alive by dodging and avoiding the obstacle blocks. But remember to be super-fast and alert as the speed of the obstacles increase to insane crazy levels. It is an easy-to-learn game but it quickly gets challenging as you progress!

Playing Teleport Game will boost your brain power as it is a play where your 100% concentration is needed along with exceptional motor skill and hand-eye coordination.


• Simple and smart user interface: you will get the "Play Now" button for initiating the game play instantly,
• More you dodge and avoid the obstacles, higher you will score,
• You also get to unlock new achievements as you progress in the game,
• Your high score record is stored so that you can try to beat your own high score,
• You can put pause in the game and resume the play where you left the game,
• The stimulating music can be off/on according to your personal discretion,
• By accessing leaderboard you will be able to check other online players’ performance,
• Your current score and the best score will be displayed during the game

Get ready to enjoy Teleport Game! You will love the minimal graphics and simplicity of this game. Let the teleportation begin!
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