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teki can provide users with:
- one key to unlock the ground.
- voice control car.
- hypercharged chat room.
- upload the personal charging station.
- check the status of the car in real time.
- real-time remote control of vehicles.
- upload and query for overcharge station information.
- timing air conditioning and sleep patterns.
- route planning and energy consumption calculations.
(mobile phone language to switch to English will open the overseas edition, the homepage of the button can own change, the use of voice control is introduced in the fourth page of the main program - > I (Me) - > voice control - > use guidelines, you can use voice commands in my (Me) - > voice control - > voice, Chinese version changes can be all kinds of dialect and English, the overseas edition of friends also have other languages. Recently, a friend reflected that voice control is prone to misoperation, so the new version can be recognized before the original Chinese control command.
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