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Tech Geek

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Tech Geek

----Featured by Apple in the News Category under "Apps We Love"! (April & May 2017) ----

What does a real WWDC feel like??? Get developers' feelings, stories, and pictures of this year's WWDC from SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS!!! Let's feel that excitement together!

Programmed by a 17-year-old young developer with love for Apple, passion for programming and a warm heart for life!

Wanna check technology news, Get tips on the go using your iPhone? Want a community to exchange ideas and learn something new about Apple and Tech? Wanna learn a new programming language on your iPad? Tech Geek is the right place good for you!

- Learn Swift on the go. You could check basic concepts on your iPhone and get some sample Playground codes on iPad. There are basic grammar, learning videos, sample codes and you can also ask your questions in the community. You could also view collections of Playgrounds on your iPad, watch some demo videos and check up how developers programmed them.

- Get personalized suggestions and some recommended settings in the My Phone section!

- Quick actions for 2017 WWDC Scholarship applicants! Are you waiting for Apple's announcements as well?

- Check News from Business Insider, CNET, Engadget, NYT, WSJ, and more popular websites (alphabetically listed). Get a summary, and you can read the full article when you want.

- Real-time Technology significant events, Apple Update Details, Apple Developer News (from official site) delivered.

print("Technology must intersect with humanities").
//There are a lot of features designed for you to use your devices easily and wisely. And you should know these!

- Daily Tips on using your iPhone. Like: Do you know how to remove all notifications in Today View in seconds? Do you know how to get rid of continuous push messages that would disturb your classes and meetings?

-Sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account to sync your settings.

-Join private groups using codes. And get a pass to your clubs so the check-in process becomes much easier.

let words = ["why", "not", "try", "this", "app", "now", "?"]
for word in words{
print word
Shunzhe Ma